We recognise that we are all different and each of us requires a unique personal training programme to achieve their goals. At Lean Shapes Personal Training, you will have a benefit of dedicated one-to-one sessions, specifically tailored to your individual needs and goals. From losing weight through muscle building and toning up to functional development with gymnastics, and sport specific training… Your Personal Trainer is available for you anywhere in London.


  • Weight Loss – Exercise and diet programme for healthy weight loss.
  • Toning Up – Do you want to tone up or put more muscles on ? You are at the right place.
  • Pre and Post Natal Training – Appropriate exercise programmes for both pregnant women and new mums.
  • Gymnastics Strength & Conditioning – Gymnastics strength and conditioning Personal Training for adults.
  • Sports Specific Training – Strength and conditioning designed to enhance sport specific performance.
  • Injury Rehabilitation – Rehabilitation exercises designed for recovery from various injuries.
  • Home Training – You can become super strong and build great physique at your own home without buying a gym membership or expensive equipment.
  • Gym Locations – Train at your chosen gym throughout London.
  • Outdoor Training – Why not try personal training at your local park ?
  • Dietary Advice – Nutrition advice and diet planning.
  • Free Email, Text Support – Get personalised diet tips and advice on your exercise progression. All you need to do is send an email or text.


Main Area North London: Barnet, Enfield, Finchley, Palmers Green, Muswell Hill, Crouch End, Cockfosters. Note: Prices outside main area might be different from “Basic and “Saver Plan.

Train Anywhere You Want

You can have your Personal Training session anywhere in London. We can arrange training throughout London at your local fitness facility, your home, or a park nearby. It’s very simple. Here is how it works.


You can choose to train either at your own home, your workplace or a park nearby anywhere in London. Building physique and functional strength, or simply toning up or losing weight will not require an expensive equipment and huge floor spaces of the commercial gyms. Home training will only require from you some Floor Space. Your Personal Trainer will provide anything you will need. For building gymnastics strength you will also need a place to hang a Pull Up Bar and a pair of Gymnastic Rings which can be easily done in every house. If you are after building specific skill strength and you are required to do some additional work on your own, you might have to invest in a few pieces of gymnastic equipment.


If you love gym environment or need heavy equipment for your specific goals, or simply Personal Training at your home, park, or workplace for some reason does not suit you, we have two options here:

1- You are welcome to come and train at my local gym in North London.

2- We can start looking for and arrange your Personal Training at a gym or fitness studio in your chosen area in London.