Did you realise that Europeans spend almost 90% of their lives indoors ? Nearly 70% of the population does NOT meet their daily vitamin D requirements. Since vitamin D controls the expression of 1,000 genes, it’s not a bad idea to get plenty of it.

We tend to train indoors, sleep, drive to work and back, and conclude our days sitting in front of the telly. The only time we seem to spend under the sky is when we walk to and from our car. But staying inside not only robs you of your vitamin D. It also poses its own threats to health and, in some cases, can be at least twice as polluting as outdoor environments. Hundreds of volatile components have been detected with some of them being toxic, mutagenic or carcinogenic.

An outdoor workout is not only the best way to bump up your vitamin D and keep your motivation high, outdoor lifestyle also helps to form relationships, social interaction and physical and mental development. Staying active in the sun also helps reset circadian rhythms, bring balance to your hormones and promote weight loss. This is why I urge you to stretch, strength train, run, or be active in any other ways outdoors any time you get the chance !!!


1 Clean Air

Studies show that indoor air can be twice as much polluted as outdoor air.

2 Increase of Vitamin D

Vitamin D, the single one of the most underrated nutrient. It is not promoted by drug companies because they simply do not have a patent for it and can not sell it to you. It is created by your body when the sun touches your skin. No diet or pills will bring the same results on as having it from the sun. Natural sunlight increases absorption of calcium which in turn results in strengthened bones, improved immune system, reduced systemic inflammation, and might also prevent depression and some forms of the cancers.

3  Increased Levels of Negative Ions

Raised levels of negative ions in the air make us feel refreshed and invigorated. Ions have been linked to better alertness and decreased anxiety. It also brings resting heart rate down and reduces drowsiness.

4  Increase In Endorphins & Serotonin

Outdoor workouts have been proved to increase our endorphins and serotonin levels. First one will make you feel good and the second one helps you calm down, be capable, and stay alert.

5   Different Exercise Routines

Many functional exercises in most gyms are simply not quite possible to perform. Sprinting, multi-directional running drills, throwing different objects. Rope climbing or a bar with enough room over your head for your pull-overs is also easier to set outdoor than in most gyms and fitness studios.

6#  Get A Tan

True, too much sun can be quite dangerous. But you don’t need to get burned. Just stay sensible like with everything else. Avoiding sunlight can be very bad for your health.